Safety & Responsible Coaching

Below you will find a breakdown of policies, plans, and commitments undertaken by the Saskatoon Fencing Club and Seguin Sports Management.

These policies form the foundation of our ongoing mission to provide safe, responsible coaching as well as a safe environment for the young people, athletes, and anyone else who uses our club space.

Responsible Coaching Movement – Background Screening Matrix (PDF)

Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Children in Sport (PDF)

Child Sexual Abuse – Steps for Reporting (PDF)

Inappropriate Conduct – Steps for Reporting (PDF)

Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) Code of Conduct (PDF)

Rule of Two – Infographic (PDF)

Rule of Two in a Virtual Setting (PDF)

Emergency Action Plan (PDF)

You can learn more about the Responsible Coaching Movement here.

Membership Policy

All Membership fees are Nonrefundable.

Members will be charged upon sign up & on a monthly basis after that date.

Members can cancel their membership at anytime in-club or their Saskatoon Fencing Club account.