Bylaws & Constitution

SFC Bylaws (PDF)SFC Bylaws Appendix "A" (PDF)SFC Constitution (PDF)

SFC By-laws “A”

Appendix “A” – Description of Duties Board of Directors


(1) Schedule and provide agenda for Board meetings.
(2) Oversee the various positions of other Board members and facilitate the duties.
(3) Represent the Club at the SFA meetings.
(4) Assist the Media/Marketing Liaison in the organization of fundraising activities.
(5) Determine the dates of tournaments, and booking of locations as requested by the SFA.
(6) Prepare Thank-You letters to donors as required.
(7) Prepare and oversee all grant applications on behalf of the Club.
(8) Prepare a report as required for the review of the Board at all meetings.

Vice-President Secretary

(1) Assist the President and Treasurer-Secretary in the performance of their duties, as they require.
(2) Perform the duties of the President in his or her absence.
(3) Maintain the minutes at all Board meetings.
(4) Prepare a report as required for the review of the Board at all meetings.


(1) Ensure proper function of the online registration web page form.
(2) Maintain an electronic list of all members as per the SFA guidelines and submit to the SFA as required.
(3) Ensure with web developer that paypal notifications of registration function properly.
(4) Ensure volunteer cheques are collected in coordination with the Volunteer/Membership Liaison.
(5) Routinely request registration information for the web developer database.
(6) Deposit and track all payment which are not made online.
(7) Pay outstanding accounts as required.
(8) Perform deposits of accounts as required.
(9) Deliver required invoices.
(10) Prepare and distribute government tax receipts to participants as required.
(11) Coordinate regularly with Volunteer/Membership Liaison to ensure that the correct volunteer cheques are destroyed or deposited appropriately.
(12) Prepare a report as required for the review of the Board at all meetings.

Volunteer/Membership Liaison

(1) Maintain an electronic contact list containing all members of the Club.
(2) Communicate by email and on the bulletin board all volunteer opportunities.
(3) Track volunteer hours performed on the electronic contact list.
(4) Attend practices routinely and ensure that members are properly registered with the Club and with affiliates such as the CFF/SFA.
(5) Deliver emails encouraging members to continue participation.
(6) Prepare a report as required for the review of the Board at all meetings.

Media/Marketing Materials Liaison

(1) Timely communicate with web developer class schedules, prices, categories, and registration times.
(2) Review the annual class schedule, with particular attention to holidays, school division start and end times, and available tournament information.
(3) Prepare advertisement materials for Facebook and/or Google, Print (Fall leisure guide) among others.
(4) Prepare press releases as required from the Club.
(5) Organize and administer the annual raffle fundraiser.
(6) Monitor the annual bottle drive.
(7) Prepare a report as required for the review of the Board at all meetings.


(1) Maintain an inventory of Club equipment.
(2) Recommend replacement of equipment to the Board.
(3) Perform repairs and cleaning of club equipment.
(4) Prepare reports as required for the review of the Board at all meetings.


1. Name

The organization (the “SFC”) shall be called The Saskatoon Fencing Club.

2. Objectives

The objects of the SFC shall be:

(a) to increase awareness of and participation in fencing in Saskatoon and surrounding area;
(b) to foster the development of fencers to their individual recreational and competitive goals;
(c) to further the ideals of sportsmanship; and
(d) to co-operate with other organizations to promote the Olympic sport of fencing.

3. Affiliations

The SFC shall be a member of the Saskatchewan Fencing Association (“SFA”), the Canadian Fencing Federation (“CFF”) and operate within the Saskatoon Sport, Culture and Recreation District, including surrounding Community Sport, Culture and Recreation Districts.

3. Directors

There shall be six (6) directors of the SFC all of whom shall be elected by the members of the SFC from among themselves as provided in the by-laws of the SFC.

4. Members

(1) There shall be three classes of members as follows:
(a) regular members,
(b) limited members, and
(c) supporting members.

(2) Members shall be admitted to and removed from membership as provided in the by-laws. The rights, duties and privileges of members shall be as set out in the by-laws.

5. By-laws

The directors may, from time to time, enact such by-laws as they may consider appropriate with respect to the affairs of the SFC. Any such by-law, unless in the meantime confirmed by a majority of the votes cast at a general meeting of the members duly called for that purpose, is effective only until the next annual meeting of the members unless confirmed at that meeting, and, in default of confirmation at that meeting, ceases to have effect at and from that time. Any action taken under any such by-law prior to such general meeting shall be valid and binding on the SFC notwithstanding such default of confirmation.

6. Not for Profit

No member of the SFC shall (except for repayment of expenses incurred on behalf of the SFC, and payment for coaching services) receive any of the income of the SFC and the activities of the SFC shall be carried on without a view to profit.

7. Dissolution

On dissolution of the SFC, the net assets remaining after payment of all debts shall be transferred to The University of Saskatchewan Fencing Club or, if it does not exist, to any organization in Saskatchewan carrying on activities similar to those of the SFC.

8. Amendment

This constitution may be amended, from time to time, by a resolution of the directors which is confirmed by a majority of the votes cast at a general meeting of the members called for that purpose; any such amendment shall not be effective until so confirmed.