About Us

The Saskatoon Fencing Club prides itself on developing fencers from beginner to elite.


Whatever your fencing goals, we can teach you the skills you need to enjoy the sport we love so much!

Our fencers have been on National teams that have gone to World Championships, Pan Am Games and Olympic games. We participate in provincial tournaments hosted by the Saskatchewan Fencing Association, as well as national and international events.

Our coaches are NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) certified at Comp-HP with years of experience. All of our coaching staff have fenced and coached for many years. They draw on their experience to deliver skills tailored to fencers at all levels.

We offer programs suitable to fencers from age 8 & up. Equipment is supplied for our programs. Masks, jackets and gloves are available for use, so equipment costs are not a concern when starting our programs!

Program Scheduling

Our Learn-to-Fence program is for fencers from the age of 8-11. This program is offered once a week and run for 6 weeks per session. We offer 4 sessions of these programs during our fencing season.

Our beginner program is for fencers who are aged 12-15. This program offers a choice of once a week or twice a week. It starts in September and ends in April. Finer skill development, group lessons and partner learning are a big part of this program along with mini lessons.

Adult Beginner classes are also offered at our club. This program is tailored to adults and their busy lives! Offered once a week on the weekend, it provides an opportunity to learn fencing with other adults! We offer two sessions of this program during our fencing season.

Regular fencing training takes place 3 days a week. Our Regular members are experienced fencers who have advanced through our Learn-to-Fence and Beginner programs, or have fenced for many years. These are the fencers who are training for tournaments or just enjoy the challenge of competing against and learning from some of the top fencers in the country!

No matter where you start with your program, Learn-to-Fence, beginner or are one of our regulars, fencing will take you to amazing places, let you meet tremendous people and discover a sport that is different every day you do it!